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Ambassador Xiao Qian: COVID-19 Deserves Our Utmost Attention and Efforts but We Should not Panic or Overact

On Febuary 24, Ambassador Xiao Qian delivered a speech at the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia’s Forum on COVID-19, Xiao said that our arduous efforts are paying off as the situation of China ’s COVID-19 epidemic is getting better. The spread is contained at this moment, and epidemic control efforts have achieved success for now. The number of newly confirmed cases and suspected cases are both declining, the number of cases of patients cured and discharged from hospital is growing fairly quickly, and the recovery rate is rising as well. Noticeably, there is a drastic drop of newly confirmed cases outside of Hubei Province. Now some clinical drugs have begun clinical trial, demonstrating encouraging effect. Some vaccines have begun animal testing, and will be applied for clinical trail as soon as later April. The epidemic is aggressive, yet all these encouraging news testify to the fact that China’s decisive actions are right and effective. All things considered, the epidemic can be mitigated and overcome.

Comparatively speaking, despite the large number of infected patients, the mortality rate within China, which now stands at around 3.3%, is much lower than that of Ebola (40.4%), MERS (34.4%), SARS (10%) and H1N1 Flu in the United States(17.4%). According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu virus has infected at least 26 million Americans across the country and killed at least 14,000 people this season alone, much higher than the number of deaths from NCP outbreak. Needless to say, COVID-19 deserves our utmost attention and efforts but we should not panic or overact.

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