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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Xie Feng at Fast-breaking Ceremony

It is my great pleasure to join Chairman Said Aqil Siradj of Nahdlatul Ulama(NU) at today’s fast-breaking and donation ceremony jointly hosted by the Chinese embassy in Indonesia and NU. To begin with, on behalf of our Embassy and 23 million Chinese Muslim brothers and sisters, I’d like to send my best Ramadan wishes to you, and through you, to all the Muslim brothers and sisters in Indonesia.

In this holy month of Ramadan, Muslims find inspiration and solidarity in meditation and mutual support. Over the years, the Chinese embassy has hosted fast-breaking and donation ceremonies during Ramadan to send our best wishes and pass on the friendly greetings from the Chinese government and people. Last Ramadan, I was also here with Chairman Said to celebrate the Ramadan. It’s my great pleasure to come back again and celebrate this festival with you.

Dear friends,

Religious exchanges run through the long course of history of friendly exchanges between China and Indonesia. More than 600 years ago, the Chinese Muslim navigator Zheng He made 7 voyages to the western seas along the ancient Silk Road and visited Indonesia. He not only brought Chinese porcelain, tea and silk, but also opened exchanges between Muslims of our two countries. In March, Chairman Said and I traveled to his hometown Cirebon and visited the Klenteng Talang. Looking at the architecture, I saw the history of exchanges, mutual learning and harmony between our 2 countries dating back hundreds of years.

Now under the leadership of our 2 presidents, China and Indonesia are synergising development strategies and deepening cooperation in all areas. Our comprehensive strategic partnership has grown stronger than ever. 2 weeks ago, President Jokowi visited China to attend the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and held his 6th bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Both presidents agreed to further align our development strategies. In the meantime, bilateral religious exchanges are also growing by leaps and bounds. During his visit, President Jokowi visited and prayed in the Beijing Niujie Mosque, which was built in AD 966. President Jokowi spoke highly of the large population of Chinese Muslims and was impressed by the mixture of Islamic and traditional Chinese architectural styles in the mosque. He saw the mosque as an embodiment of openness, tolerance and peace in Chinese religion.

Last month, Chairman Said successfully visited Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Quanzhou. His visit was a strong boost to our bilateral exchanges and cooperation in halal food certification, Islamic culture study, cleric training and other areas. I believe under the leadership of our presidents and support from Islamic organizations such as NU, our religious exchanges will reach even greater heights.

More than 23 million Chinese Muslims are now celebrating Ramadan same as you do, fasting, praying, providing service and giving back to the community in the spirit of solidarity and friendship. It is enshrined in the Chinese Constitution that all citizens enjoy freedom of religious belief and the state protects religious activities. The Chinese government fully respects, protects and facilitates all Chinese Muslims in carrying out such religious duties and traditions as praying, fasting and pilgrimage. There are more than 35,000 mosques and 5.6 million imams in China. There are Chinese Muslim representatives or members in legislatures and political consultative assemblies at all levels. Chinese Muslims who make pilgrimage number over tens of thousands annually. The Chinese government has also enforced laws and regulations on production of halal food and set up Muslim cemeteries. As Muslims are mostly ethnic minorities, they are also entitled to preferential policies such as extra credits in college entrance exams and tuition remission.

In addition to promoting exchanges and understanding between our Muslim populations, Chinese Embassy is also committed to cooperation that delivers tangible benefits to ordinary Muslim citizens. Today, Chairman Said and I will inaugurate the sanitation and water facilities, another cooperation project between Embassy and NU for the convenience of local residents. This is also part of our efforts to implement Indonesian government’s Community-based Comprehensive Health Policy. The first 2 facilities already finished construction and are located in Tanara, Serang, Banten and equipped with wells, water tanks, purification device, bathroom, shower and so on. Thousands of local residents no longer face water or bathroom difficulties thanks to the project. Chinese Embassy will continue with similar projects to help improve the local society and livelihood of the people .

Today, it’s also my great pleasure to inaugurate the Chinese Culture Study Center at University of NU in Jakarta, which is another testimony to the fast-growing bilateral relations and deepening of people-to-people bond between our 2 countries. Here, I have the pleasure to announce that our Embassy would like to donate books and five computers to the Chinese Culture Study Center. We hope this center will become a bridge and contribute to the cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Indonesia.

Relatives and friends become closer if they visit each other more. For 3 years I’ve attended this very important event. In one week, I will finish my tenure as Chinese Ambassador and return to China. As I embark on the next journey, I will always cherish my fond memories of Indonesia, my friendship with the Indonesian people and aspiration for a brighter future of bilateral relations between China and Indonesia.

Finally, I wish to once again send my best Ramadan wishes to you all. I wish you good health and happiness; wish peace and prosperity for Indonesia and its people; wish ever-lasting friendship between our peoples.

Terima kasih!

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