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Address by H.E. Ambassador Xie Feng At China's 65th National Day Reception

Jakarta, 30 September 2014

His Excellency President Jusuf Habibie,

His Excellency Vice President Yusuf Kalla,

His Excellency Speaker Sidarto Danusubroto,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia and the Chinese Mission to ASEAN, let me welcome you all to China’s National Day reception tonight, to join our celebration of the 65th birthday of the People’s Republic of China.

65 years is a short span in history, but China has come a long way. For China, it is a an amazing course staring from a weak, poor country who kept its doors shut, to becoming a strong and prosperous one who embraces opening-up. It is a history from deep misery to national rejuvenation. We Chinese are the authors of this amazing ‘China story’ and we are the creators of the great ‘China miracle’.

During the past 65 years, China has been playing a more and more important role in the world. Our economy has grown from a meager size to the world’s 2nd largest. China, once a stagnant country of farmers and craftsmen, is a vibrant ‘world engine’ today. The Chinese people are out of poverty and are living a well-off life. Life expectancy in China has reached 75 years old, way higher than 35 in the early days of the People’s Republic. China today is the world’s No.1 trading nation and the 3rd largest global investor. We have contributed 30 percent to the world economic growth. 100 Chinese companies are on the Fortune Global 500 list.

We feel proud of China’s huge achievements over the past 65 years. But this is no reason for complacency. We are soberly aware that China remains the world’s largest developing country. We still face numerous challenges. Looking forward, the Chinese people will follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and continue to work hard to fulfill the China Dream. It means national rejuvenation, economic prosperity and a happy life for all our people.

2014 is the year when China kick-started the comprehensive, in-depth reform. Reform is China’s most powerful message. A full range of reforms in political, economic, cultural, social and ecological fields have been launched, releasing more and more vigor and vitality. In the first 6 months this year, China’s economy has grown by 7.4%. Over 7 million new jobs have been created in cities. People’s income kept rising fast. The share of the services sector in the GDP has continued to expand. At the same time, our energy intensity has declined by 4.2 percent year on year. Through the comprehensive reform and a new wave of opening-up, China is transforming its growth model, raising the quality and efficiency of our development, and maintaining a medium-high growth rate. This means greater contribution to the world economic recovery and growth.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

China and Indonesia are good neighbors, good friends and good partners. Over the past 10 years, in our respective courses of development, the China-Indonesia relationship has strengthened and born rich fruits. This has delivered real benefits to our two peoples, and contributed to the peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region. During his state visit to Indonesia last October, President Xi Jinping and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono upgraded the bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership. It has laid a solid foundation for the further development of our relations.

20 days from now, Indonesia’s new government led by H.E. Mr. Joko Widodo and H.E. Mr. Yusuf Kalla, will be sworn in. This marks a new era for Indonesia. It also presents new opportunities for China-Indonesia relations. China is ready to work with Indonesia’s new government to advance our comprehensive strategic partnership. We will coordinate our development strategies, and make a bigger and more tasty cake of common interests. Together, let us bring our two peoples closer, so that the Indonesia Dream and China Dream will compliment each other and shine together.

China and ASEAN countries are neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. Our cultural bonds are strong and our common interests are deep. We are bound to be cooperative partners. ASEAN is a priority on our neighborhood diplomatic agenda. We are committed to building good-neighborly ties with ASEAN. We will continue to act in a spirit of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness, and work together with ASEAN to move our relations into a ‘Diamond Decade’.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

I assumed my duty as China’s 11th Ambassador to Indonesia at an auspicious time when China-Indonesia relations face historic opportunities for further progress. It’s less than 4 months since my arrival in Jakarta. However, I have been deeply impressed by the warm hospitality of the Indonesian people. Indonesia’s long history, diverse culture and growth vitality are amazing. And the passion and support of all communities in Indonesia to our bilateral relations are extremely encouraging. Since day one of our arrival in Indonesia, my wife and I have been overwhelmed by the friendship, hospitality and generous support from you all. We feel quite at home and enjoy every minute and every day of our life here. Thank you very much.

As you know, the past 21 years of my diplomatic career is dedicated to China-US relations. Indonesia is a new frontier for me. I will continue to learn from the Indonesian people and all the guests present today, and be your good colleague, good friend and good partner. I look forward to counting on your counsel, wisdom and support in promoting the China-Indonesia comprehensive strategic partnership in the years ahead.

Now, let me propose a toast,

To the bright future of China and Indonesia,

To the everlasting friendship between the Chinese and Indonesian peoples,

To the further development of China-Indonesia relations and China-ASEAN relations, and

To the health of all the guests present today,


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