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Remaining true to original aspiration and mission Working together to maintain peace

(Senior Colonel Chen Yongjing, Defence Attache, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Indonesia)

August 1st, 2021 marks the 94th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China. 94 years ago, the Communist Party of China created a new type of people's army, which provided a strong guarantee for the realization of independence and great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. From that time on, the PLA has bravely devoted itself to the historical trend of seeking liberation and happiness for the Chinese people, and striving for independence and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation. Over the past 94 years, the PLA has gone through wars and fires, opened up a way through brambles and thorns and made great sacrifices, chalked up one victory after another, and established historical feats.

In recent years, the PLA of China remains true to its original aspiration and keeps its mission in mind, firmly and thoroughly implements Xi Jinping's thinking on strengthening the armed forces, accelerates the modernization of national defense and the armed forces, and strives to build the PLA of China into world-class military. China continues to enhance the political loyalty of its armed forces, to strengthen them through reform and technology and the training of competent personnel, and to run them in accordance with the law. PLA will take substantial steps on a Chinese path to military development, and comprehensively improve the level of modernize national defense and the armed forces. At any time, the PLA of China has the resolve, the confidence and the ability to resolutely defend China's sovereignty, security and development interests, resolutely deter and resist aggression, safeguard national political security, people's security and social stability, safeguard China's maritime rights and interests and its overseas interests, and support the sustainable development of the country.

China remains committed to the path of peaceful development, develops itself by striving for a peaceful international environment, maintains and promotes world peace through its own development in return. As President Xi Jinping emphasizes, China has always worked to safeguard world peace, contribute to global development, and preserve international order. The Chinese nation does not carry aggressive or hegemonic traits in its genes. The Chinese people love and cherish peace and take it as their sacred duty to maintain world peace and oppose hegemonism and power politics. China will remain committed to promoting peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit, to an independent foreign policy of peace, and to the path of peaceful development. China will work to build a new type of international relations and a human community with a shared future. China has always pursued a national defense policy that is in nature defensive, and the PLA of China has always been a firm force in safeguarding world peace. PLA actively participates in international military exchanges and cooperation and UN peacekeeping operations, works with armed forces of other countries to deal with global security challenges, fulfills international responsibilities and obligations, and contributes to building a human community with a shared future. The development of China's military power is part of the growth of world peace forces.

China and Indonesia are good neighbors, friends and partners. In recent years, with the leadership and support of President Xi Jinping and President Joko Widodo, the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the two countries has been developing in depth, exchanges and cooperation in various fields are getting closer and have achieved fruitful results, bringing benefits to the two peoples, and making contributions to world and regional peace, stability, development and cooperation. The defense and military relation, as an important part of China-Indonesia relations, has also made new progress. The two militaries maintain high-level exchanges and continuously improve the level of strategic mutual trust. Chinese State Councilor and Minister of National Defence General Wei Fenghe and Indonesian Minister of Defence Prabowo Subianto visited each other and conducted candid, friendly and fruitful exchanges. Cooperation in defense dialogues and personnel training between the two armed forces are successful and efficient, and joint exercises and training have been expanded to multiple fields and levels.

Recently, humanitarian relief cooperation has become a highlight of military cooperation between China and Indonesia. The COVID-19 pandemic poses serious challenges to the health of people all over the world, and to the economy of all countries, including China and Indonesia. Chinese and Indonesian armed forces have helped each other and set a good example in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic. Leaders and senior military officials of the two countries maintain close communication and support each other in difficult times of fighting against the pandemic, jointly promote cooperation in fighting against the virus, exchange and share experience, and donate medical materials to each other. In April, right after the Indonesian Navy's "Nanggala-402" submarine sank accidentally, President Xi Jinping sent a condolence message to President Joko Widodo. State Councilor and Minister of National Defence General Wei Fenghe also expressed condolences to Minister of Defence Prabowo Subianto. The Chinese side dispatched three vessels to help with the salvage operation. Such cooperation fully reflects the profound friendship of "berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing" between the two countries and two armed forces. At present, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading around the world, the PLA of China is willing to continue strengthening cooperation against the virus with the Indonesian national defense army, and jointly make greater contributions to safeguard the health of the two peoples and armed forces and the international public health safety, and to build a human community with a shared future.

I am fully confident that with the support and care of heads of state of China and Indonesia, the defense departments and armed forces of the two countries will further consolidate and deepen friendly cooperation, add more to China-Indonesia comprehensive strategic partnership, and contribute to regional and world peace, stability and development.

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