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Ambassador Xiao Qian Visited Suga jaya Village, Sukabumi city, West Java

On January 21st, at the invitation of Indonesian Minister of Rural Affairs Iskandar, Ambassador Xiao Qian visited Sugajaya Village, Sukabumi city, West Java, accompanied by Counsellor Wang Liping, etc.

Deden,the Village chief of Suga jaya Village, Mayor Marwan of Suka Wumei City, and Iskandar, Minister of Rural Affairs of Indonesia, gave a warm welcome to Ambassador Xiao's visit. During the welcome speeches,Deden Village Chief mentioned that as a student of the first village chiefs' class last year, he learned from China the advanced production technology and rural governance experience. Mayor Marwan introduced the industrial and agricultural development of Sukabumi city ,and the city's cooperation with China. Minister Iskandar introduced Indonesia's policies on the development of agricultural and rural areas and backward areas, and said that by strengthening exchanges with China's agricultural and rural areas, great gains have been made. And hope to further strengthen cooperation with China's agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Ambassador Xiao Qian introduced China's achievements and experience in rural reform and poverty reduction and poverty alleviation in rural areas, and proposed specific measures to strengthen cooperation between China and Suga jaya Village.

Ambassador Xiao Qian and his party also visited the lucky bamboo plantation plant and melon and fruit plantation in Sujiajaya Village.

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