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Chinese Embassy in Indonesia Holds Reception to Celebrate 92nd Anniversary of Founding of PLA

On July 30th, 2019, the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia hosted a reception to mark the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), at Hotel Shangri-La, Jakarta.

Major General Rizerius Eko, Director General for Defence Strategy of the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia;Retired Lieutenant General Yoedhi Swastanto,Former Rector of Indonesian Defense University; Retired Vice Admiral Desi Albert Mamahit, Former Special Staff to the Chief of Navy were present as the guests of honor. About 600 guests including high-ranking TNI officers, senior officials, ambassadors and MILAT Corp members, politician and business celebrities, leaders of overseas Chinese communities, Chinese Ambassador Xiao Qian and other senior Chinese diplomats attended the reception.

In his welcome speech, Senior Colonel Zhou Jian, Chinese Defense Attaché, briefed on PLA’s heroical contributions and great development throughout the years. Sr. Col. Zhou Jian said, “At the new historical start point, the PLA will firmly follow the guidance by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on strengthening the military, stride forward along its own path to build a stronger military and endeavor to achieve the great goal of developing world-class forces. The PLA stands ready to contribute China’s wisdom and efforts to lasting peace and prosperity of the world, and will fulfill its international responsibilities and obligations, by actively participating in the UN peacekeeping, vessel protection, and international humanitarian assistance and disaster relief”.

Sr. Col. Zhou Jian stressed that, “China issued a white paper to expound on defensive national defense policy last week, which firstly pointed out that the distinctive feature of China’s national defense is never seeking hegemony, expansion or spheres of influence. China has grown from a poor and weak country to the world’s second largest economy not by engaging in military expansion or colonial plunder. Instead, its development is through its people’s hard work, wisdom and bravery as well as the win-win cooperation with the world since reform and opening-up. Next year marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Indonesia. As an integral part of our comprehensive strategic partnership, the relationship between our military forces has enjoyed robust growth. Looking forward, the PLA will remain committed to working together with TNI to further deepen and expand cooperation, and reinvigorate our comprehensive strategic partnership”.

In his speech, M.G. Rizerius Eko warmly congratulated on the 92nd anniversary of the Chinese PLA. “China has an important role in supporting peace and stability in the region and also globally”, as remarked by M.G. Rizerius Eko. “In the field of defense cooperation, Indonesia and China have well-established and effective bilateral mechanisms. I am very optimistic that Indonesia and China relation will continue to flourish intensively”.

A photo exhibition titled “CPLA A Force For World Peace” and the newly-made documentary “PLA Today” were also on display at the reception. ALIT, CECT, NORINCO, 3 of the Chinese defense corporations held a defense exhibition. Guests expressed admiration for the efforts and contribution made by the Chinese armed forces in UN peacekeeping, international anti-terrorism, commercial vessel protection, international disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, and showed a keen interest in Chinese defense products. The Indonesian Naval Band staged a special performance. The reception was a warm and friendly celebration of the burgeoning mil-to-mil relations between China and Indonesia.

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