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Ambassador Xiao Qian Visits Huawei Indonesia

On May 24 , 2018, Ambassador Xiao Qian visited PT Huawei Tech Investment and heard a briefing by Huawei Indonesia on the company’s recent work and achievements, accompanied by Huawei Indonesia CEO Hudson Liu, Vice President Peng Jun, Vice President Li Fei, and Vice President Selina Wen.

Ambassador Xiao spoke highly of Huawei's development achievements and its contribution to the economy and society in Indonesia. Ambassador Xiao hoped that Huawei Indonesia could seize the favorable opportunity of the development strategies docking of both countries, and further strengthen innovative development on the basis of management adhering to the law and continue occupying the forefront in its field and win glory for China. Ambassador Xiao also hoped that Huawei Indonesia could actively fulfill its social responsibilities and make greater contributions to practical cooperation between the two countries.

Huawei has operated in Indonesia since 2000, providing leading ICT solutions and services to all major telecom operators and hundreds of vertical customers. The company serves over 80% of Indonesia’s population. Huawei partners with more than 300 local certified subcontractors and over 100 local channel partners, and its staff localization rate is 86%. Huawei indirectly creates more than 20,000 jobs each year in Indonesia. Through various knowledge transfer programs, Huawei Indonesia has trained more than 12,000 Indonesian ICT engineers and over 3,000 Indonesia ICT students.

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