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Ambassador Xiao Qian: China and Indonesia Must Unite Against Unilateralism And Trade Protectionism

Ambassador Xiao Qian clarified China’s position on the China-US trade disputes when he was asked during the interview with the Indonesian national news agency Antara on 17th April 2018.

The US made a series of actions including the “301 Investigation” and punitive tariffs recently. What the US did not only ignores the win-win nature of China-US trade relations and the consensus reached by the two countries of managing differences constructively through consultations, but also neglects the WTO dispute settlement mechanism as well as its basic principles and values. China strongly condemns and firmly opposes such a move which is typical of unilateralism and trade protectionism. We hope that the US could think twice to abandon its unilateralism and trade protectionism, Ambassador Xiao said.

Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the Chinese economy has deeply integrated into the global economy. All countries are highly interwoven and interdependent. Practice has proved that cooperation leads to a win-win situation while confrontation will result in a lose-lose situation. China is committed to resolving trade disputes through dialogue and negotiation. We do not want to fight a trade war with any country, but we are not afraid to fight a trade war. We will not allow our own legitimate rights and interests to be infringed,but take all necessary measures to resolutely defend them. The Chinese side has resorted to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. Meanwhile,in accordance with the relevant stipulation of the Foreign Trade Law of the People’s Republic of China, we will take proportionate measures of the same intensity and scale on US products. We have the confidence and capability to counter any measure of trade protectionism taken by the US, Ambassador Xiao emphasized.

The US approach will not only harm China’s interests, but also inevitably damage the interests of other countries including Indonesia. No country alone can manage the ramifications and stand aloof. As both important economies of the world, China and Indonesia are members of the WTO as well as the defenders and beneficiaries of the multilateral trading system and economic globalization. In order to create a favorable economic and trade environment for the sustainable development of the two countries and the world economy, the Chinese side hopes to strengthen coordination with the Indonesian side to jointly safeguard the globalization process and the multilateral trade system with the WTO as its core, and unite against unilateralism and trade protectionism, Ambassador Xiao said.

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