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Ambassador Xie Feng Attended the China Harbor Scholarship Award Ceremony

On 10 December, Chinese Ambassador Xie Feng attended the China Harbor Scholarship Award Ceremony and launching ceremony for the Dann Mogot City. In his remarks, Ambassador Xie said that in 2011, China Harbour Engineering Company(CHEC), a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company(CCCC), committed 1 billion rupiah worth of scholarships to the President University over the course of 10 years. In the past 5 years, 75 students have received scholarship of 500 million rupiah. Today, as we launch this new project, we also celebrate the winners of this year's scholarships. This ceremony shows that China Communications Construction Company(CCCC) is not only committed to business cooperation with Indonesia but also to motivating and nurturing the young talents and contributing to Indonesia's sustainable social progress.

Ambassador Xie said that in recent years, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping and President Joko Widodo, China and Indonesia are working together to align the 21st Century Maritime Silkroad Initiative with the Global Maritime Fulcrum Strategy. Our comprehensive strategic partnership enjoys fast growth and practical cooperation has yielded fruitful results. We are glad to see that from January to September this year, Chinese direct investment in Indonesia reached 1.59 billion US dollars. As China remains Indonesia's largest trading partner, its investment ranking has increased from the 10th to the 3rd place. In the first 8 months of 2016, more than 980,000 Chinese tourists visited Indonesia, making China the largest source of foreign tourists for Indonesia.

As pointed out by Ambassador Xie, more and more Chinese enterprises are coming to Indonesia. In addition to their business success, now Chinese enterprises including CCCC attach greater importance to benefit-sharing and giving back to the community. Today's Dann Mogot City is CCCC's first major real estate project in the overseas market. It also marks another milestone in CCCC's development in Indonesia over the past 20 years. This project aims to provide affordable housing and improve living conditions for the Indonesian people. It's a real benefit to the local community.

As stressed by Ambassador, China is confident in Indonesia's current development as well as the bright prospects for future. As China continues to invest in Indonesia's economic development, it's also contributing to the nurturing of young Indonesian talents and sustainable social progress. China will always be Indonesia's good neighbor, good friend and good partner.

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