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Notice on the Updated Requirements for the Health CodeApplications
Effective from September 1,2021.Should there be any discrepancy between the previously issued regulations and these requirements, the requirements in this notice shall prevail.

In order to proceed with the work of pandemic control and to ensure safe and orderly cross-border travels, Chinese Embassy in Indonesia updated the requirements for the applications ofHealth code or Health Declaration Form(hereinafter referred to as "Health code") for China-bound passengers in view of current epidemic situation. The updated requirements will come into effect on September 1, 2021.


I. Pre-departure quarantine

(I) Company employees are required to take a 21-day closed-loop quarantine before their departure and monitor their health on their own. If one develops symptoms such as fever, cough, etc. , the itinerary should be terminated immediately and such requirements also apply to their close contacts. All companies should issue certificates of employment for their employees. The authorized person in charge of the company should sign and stamp the official seal on the certificates of employment ( see Annex 1).

(II) Other China-bound passengers should take closed-loop quarantine for necessary number of days according to airline requirements and fill in the self-monitoring for health condition form (see Annex 2). Identity certificates are also required.


II. Pre-departure tests

China-bound passengers should conduct Nucleic acid and N-protein IgM& IgG antibody tests twice before their departure. The first tests should be conducted 7 days before the departure date, and the second within 48 hours before boarding.

The tests should be conducted in designated medical institutions ( see Annex 3). Applicants must present their valid identity documents such as passport to cooperate with identity verification during the tests. If applicants' picture cannot be clearly identified, the test report will be deemed invalid.


III. Application materials

(I) For applicants without the history of COVID-19 infection and have no contacts with COVID-19 confirmed cases or asymptomatic infected persons, tested negative for Nucleic acid and N-protein IgM& IgG antibody tests

1. Nucleic acid and N-protein IgM& IgG antibody tests reports conducted by two different medical institutions, with a 7-day interval between the two tests.

2. Company employees should provide certificates of employment ( see Annex 1).

3. Other applicants should provide self-monitoring for health condition form(see Annex 2).

4. Applicants who have received vaccines should provide Vaccination Certificate and Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination (see Annex 4).

5. The data page of applicant's valid international travel document, the Indonesian visa or residence permit, the latest border inspection stamp for exiting from China and entering Indonesia are required.

(II)  For applicants whohave contacts with COVID-19 confirmed cases or asymptomatic infected persons

Applicants have contacts with COVID-19 confirmed cases, suspected cases or asymptomatic infected persons should conduct self-quarantine and health monitoring for at least 14 days before scheduled traveling to China. When meeting the boarding requirements, applicants could get the above-mentioned 5 materials prepared and apply for the health code. Applicants should truthfully report the detailed contact history.

(III) Forapplicants with the history of Covid-19 infection

Applicants who have diagnosed with COVID-19 or who have not been diagnosed but have tested positive for Nucleic acid, IgM, or IgG antibody tests should confirm the recovery date according to the following rules

1. If the Nucleic acid test result shows negative, applicants should wait for at least 24 hours and then conduct the first and second Nucleic acid tests. 2 negative reports should be kept.

2. If the Nucleic acid test result shows negative,applicants should take Chest CT or X-ray and keep the report. The report should state whether the applicant has inflammation in the lungs, otherwise it will be deemed invalid. Designated hospitals such as Medistra, Siloam in Jakarta are recommended. Women who are pregnant are exempt from a Chest CT or X-ray. There is no mandatory requirement on the time sequence between Chest CT and the first and second Nucleic acid tests.

(IV) For applicants who have received full doses of vaccines and aretested positive for IgM and IgG antibody tests

1. Ifthe Nucleic acid test result is negative, while IgM and IgG tested all positive, applicants should conduct self-quarantine and health monitoring for at least 14 days. If there is no other abnormality during the quarantine, applicants can apply for health code. The Chinese Embassy will decide whether to issue a health code based on the quarantine and health monitoring result.

2. If theNucleic acid test result is negative, while IgM or IgG tested positive, the Chinese Embassy will decide whether to issue the health code after taking into consideration of the applicant's health condition.


IV. Application timeline

To ensure that a health code will be issued, China-bound passengers should apply for a health code as soon as possible after test reports and necessary materials are prepared, no later than 5 hours before boarding.

Please submit materials as required, each material should be sent once only. If the application is rejected, please submit the supplementarymaterials within 2 hours.

If the application materials are incomplete or the authenticity is in doubt, the applicant concerned shall bear all responsibilities for the failure to issue a health code.


V. Matters needing attention

(I)  Date calculation rules

The starting time of pre-departure tests and health monitoring does not include the day of flight. For example, if the flight is on September 15,  7 days before the departure date is September 8. Pre-departure quarantine and health monitoring time shall be calculated according to the above rules.

(II) Transitional rules

The notice will be effective from September 1, 2021. Those who will board within 48 hours or who have been in the closed-loop quarantine can apply for health codes according to previous regulations. For example, if the applicant conducts 21-day closed-loop quarantine on August 31, he can apply for health codes according to previous regulations.

(III) For China-bound passengers transiting via Indonesia

All passengers are required to take direct flights from Indonesia to China. The Chinese Embassy will not issue Health codes for those who transit to China via a third country or region, nor for those who are from a third country or region with direct flights to China but transit via Indonesia.

Passengers of a third country where there is no direct flight to China are required to conduct Nucleic acid and N-protein IgM& IgG antibody tests and apply for Health codes in the departure country. Passengers without the previous Health Code issued by the Chinese Embassy or Consulates in the departure country will not be issued a Health Code by the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia.


VI. For China-bound foreign passengers

This notice shall be used as reference for China-bound foreign passengers who apply for Health Declaration Form.


VII. Liability 

All passengers to China should abide by relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control and truthfully submit tests reports and other relevant materials. Those who intend to conceal their illness, alter tests reports, disobey quarantine regulations or provide fake information shall not be issued with Health code or Health Declaration Form.Those who violate the law shall take legal responsibility accordingly.




Annex 1. Contents of Certificates of Employment

Annex 2. Self-monitoring for Health ConditionForm

Annex 3. List of Designated Indonesian Medical Institutions for COVID-19 Tests

Annex 4. Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination
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